Preventing Internet Addiction for Children


In this age of internet, our children meet a new world on the Internet. There are, however, a lot of worried parents about their children living the whole day online. Only play games and do nothing at all. Especially, many interactive games are very easy to access via smart phones, tablets, computers and game consoles. If we worry about our kids, what should we do to prevent it?

When you just say “No!” it is not very effective. You should talk with your kids and set rules to keep. It is very important to make them keep the promises and rules and encourage your kids to control the online time themselves. This goes same for all online devices including smartphones.

Here are some easy methods to follow to prevent online addiction:

  • Connect online only when its usage is really needed.
  • It is important to set an online free day once a week.
  • Don’t let them use internet or smartphones in mealtime or other activity.
  • Refrain from using smartphones while in school. (Many schools do prohibit cell phone use during school hours)
  • It is important to allow them to control themselves.
  • Set a family activity time and stick to it. Play and talk with your kids!