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Preventing Internet Addiction for Children


In this age of internet, our children meet a new world on the Internet. There are, however, a lot of worried parents about their children living the whole day online. Only play games and do nothing at all. Especially, many interactive games are very easy to access via smart phones, tablets, computers and game consoles. If we worry about our kids, what should we do to prevent it?

When you just say “No!” it is not very effective. You should talk with your kids and set rules to keep. It is very important to make them keep the promises and rules and encourage your kids to control the online time themselves. This goes same for all online devices including smartphones.

Here are some easy methods to follow to prevent online addiction:

  • Connect online only when its usage is really needed.
  • It is important to set an online free day once a week.
  • Don’t let them use internet or smartphones in mealtime or other activity.
  • Refrain from using smartphones while in school. (Many schools do prohibit cell phone use during school hours)
  • It is important to allow them to control themselves.
  • Set a family activity time and stick to it. Play and talk with your kids!

Email Marketing In E-commerce


Emails are a great way to generate additional revenue for online stores. Hardly any other method is as efficient in active communication with prospects and existing customers. If you are operating an online store, email marketing can generate much higher sales.

What do you want as a business owner of email marketing? From all answers then these two core requirements remain: many sales and little effort! Just this promise can really keep Newsletter – believe me! You just need the right tools, some strategy – and of course great products.

The Right Tool

It has a decisive influence on your success. Newsletter modules in online stores are like finding something in home improvement needs. For strong sale email marketing, choose a full email marketing system which can form a symbiotic relationship with the online store system. The right email marketing professional or software can connect to almost all online store systems. Only then can the owner use the full power of email marketing to distribute its products! This step does not cost much time and money – but brings lasting success!

Little Effort

What do good email marketing solutions to fulfill the promise of “Little effort!”? With right tool you’ll never have to enter product data manually. Because the e-mail marketing system can read the data directly from the online store and have perfect way to show – with all specialties.

For example, along with all the other automatic balance of customer data and the lawful administration of newsletter subscribers, your effort is minimal. You only need to think about which products you choose.

More Revenue!

After email delivery recipients open the newsletter, click on your “buy now” buttons and items immediately fill the baskets. It should be the least functionality. Another important function is the Newsletter template: For example, it should ensure the presentation of all email programs and webmail. It should also ensure perfect display on smartphones and tablets.

The exciting sales issues you have to consider: what is the blockbuster subject that brings great interest among all receivers? Anyone who wants to can just try through experimentation. Marketers call this process “A / B Split Test”. It’s fun – and brings some surprising successes.

Or: Surprise your customers with birthday greetings and congratulations as loyal customers! Such emails seasoned with vouchers can bring in many new accounts. And can be fully automated. Set up once, and go!

Are you ready for more? Then you can venture out to connect with an advanced topic: The Rescue of aborted orders. Customers get bogged down on the way to the basket or not order carts. You can specifically write for them to move at a discount price or try gift certificate for sale. For this to work, your email marketing system only needs to connect your web analytics.

Once you are gotten a taste, you will certainly come up countless more ideas on how your email can promote sales in the online store. And with little effort! When you start?